About Us

InfoClin Analytics provides analytic services, management services, and reporting services in healthcare that support the operation and management of medical practices and medical clinics.

The InfoClin Triage™ helps clinics prioritize appointments, optimize the use of time and data, and increase clinic revenue with no increase in workload. See higher priority patients more often, without forgetting about the lower risk patients. Clinic front office staff can easily offer telephone prescription renewals and prioritize patients to be offered an appointment. This offers choices to patients in the care they receive, results in fewer missed appointments, and increases appointment slots for same day and high-priority patient appointments. InfoClin Triage™ provides clinics with the potential to increase clinic revenue without increasing workload. Front desk staff, patients and physicians achieve a greater sense of control of their time, and confidence in quality of care.

InfoClin Triage™ puts data stored in electronic patient records to work. It cleans and sorts information that clinics need to support patients and clinic functions.
InfoClin Triage™ is a simple solution available on the desktop of the clinic front office staff.


What Others Say About Us

  • As a patient, I feel often that my doctors don’t know where I fall in the follow-up category and I often get overlooked. From the features, I can tell that prioritizing will get easier for the administrators to let the doctor know that a follow up is needed.  - Eddie Hassan

  • As a potential patient, I feel InfoClin Triage™ might actually help doctors get it together, and their administrators to know who to treat, when, how to prioritize their patients and understand where they are in their treatment cycle. I’m excited to see how this software will be implemented based on all the great features I’ve read about. - Margarita Benyammine

Meet the InfoClin Triage™ Team

  • Brian Eatock
    Brian Eatock Chief Executive Officer

    Brian Eatock, a co-founder of InfoClin Analytics, wanted to provide physicians with advanced data-driven information services which result in greater access to quality care for patients.

    He is a proven technology executive and serial entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience.

    Brian’s projects have included founding both Ontario’s first private Positron Emission Tomography clinic (CareImaging) and Canada’s first private merchant power transmission company (Tonbridge Power since acquired by Enbridge).

  • Bradley MacDonald
    Bradley MacDonald Chief Technology Officer

    Bradley MacDonald, Chief Technology Officer, is recognized across Canada as an expert on EMR data extraction and conversion. Having collaborated with businesses and medical professionals in the EMR industry for over 15 years, Bradley has a deep understanding of the fast-paced human and technology challenges facing doctors today and has even written an EMR from scratch.

    Bradley founded Canada’s leading independent EMR data extraction and conversion firm and has been running technical teams and support staff for over 25 years.

  • Beverley Eatock
    Beverley Eatock VP Communications

    Beverley Eatock, Vice President of Communications, brings over 25 years of educational and human resources leadership to InfoClin Analytics. She is delighted to support InfoClin Triage, a program that eases patient access to primary care physicians without increasing stress of clinic staff.

    Projects that Beverley has led include establishing a Community Health Clinic for students located at a secondary school, partnership programs with social service providers and employers, and leadership development programs.

  • Dr. Karim Keshavjee
    Dr. Karim Keshavjee Director Research

    Dr. Karim Keshavjee, the co-founder of InfoClin Analytics, is trained as a family doctor and is a recognized leader in Health Informatics in Canada.

    He has practiced as a Physician in Ontario and has conducted Electronic Medical Record data analyses and research for over 20 years.

    Dr. Keshavjee presents at conferences and has published extensively in the area of primary and community care health informatics.