Monetizing physician and patient time


Monetizing physician and patient time


How InfoClin Triage Monetizes

  • InfoClin Triage™ allows clinics to offer low-risk patients prescription renewals without a doctor’s appointment.
  • Appointment slots are opened up for high needs patients and varied appointment types which increase clinic revenue.
  • Converts time physicians take answering routine inquiries from clinic staff to billable time seeing patients.
  • Reduces time patients spend in unnecessary appointments.
  • Frees up clinic staff time to contact patients for appointments – resulting in fewer missed appointments.
  • Benefits of InfoClin Triage™ outweigh costs – result in approximately 800% return on investment.


A clinic with 10 doctors may see up to 200 patients per day. Based on broad health data, 10% of these appointments may be for prescription renewals which could be done by phone. If these appointment slots are filled by patients with complex health profiles, the clinic would generate more revenue from out of basket billings or specialized appointments. This simple scenario could add $120,000 annually to clinic revenue.

Recognizing that these patients may also require diabetic assessments or additional services during their appointment, the revenue potential is increased further. InfoClin Triage™ uses EMR data to produce lists of patients eligible for telephone prescription renewal. These appointment slots can then be filled with higher needs patients, thereby improving clinic revenue and patient outcomes.

Using InfoClin Triage™ may also help clinics increase roster size. For an assessment of your clinic’s potential, contact

Why choose InfoClin Triage™?

InfoClin Triage™ is compatible with, and further optimizes the systems and processes that clinics use.

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