Optimizing physician and patient time


Optimizing physician and patient time!


How We Optimize

  • Key EMR data sorted and presented in an easy to action format.
  • Patient lists clearly identify who needs to be contacted for an appointment.
  • Reduces the amount of clinic time spent in impromptu meetings.
  • Optimizes use of physician time by creating appointment slots for more high needs patients.
  • Reduces the number of prescription renewal appointments.


Mike is a busy 57-year old living with diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. He is often too busy to make appointments with his doctor. Kate, Mike’s partner, is 55 years old and has hyperthyroidism. She is fit and otherwise healthy. Both need regular prescription refills.

InfoClin Triage™ uses a patient’s EMR data and identifies easily who needs an appointment when. In this case, Kate will be identified as a patient to be offered a telephone prescription renewal, and Mike will be offered an in-person appointment. InfoClin Triage™ means both Mike and Kate are happy – they are well taken care of and have their health care needs met.

InfoClin Triage™ optimizes the physician’s time as it can result in the practice seeing a higher proportion of high needs patients. The doctor can feel good about optimizing the use of the clinic’s time, and their patient time.

Why choose InfoClin Triage™?

The InfoClin Analytics team includes not only Canada’s leading EMR data analytics professionals but also Canada’s leading EMR data access and extraction expert.

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