Prioritizing patients who need priority access to physicians


Prioritizing patients who need priority access to physicians


How InfoClin Triage™ Prioritizes Your Patients

  • InfoClin Triage™ identifies which patients need priority access to physicians.
  • Indicates the next refill date for patient prescriptions.
  • Identifies low needs patients who may be offered telephone prescription renewals.
  • Provides lists of high priority and low-risk patients.
  • Helps the clinic staff prioritize their administrative tasks.


Doctors have a number of patients who are at risk of a cardiovascular event who need to be seen and want help identifying these patients in an efficient manner so they can book appointments for them. Each medical clinic has a vast amount of EMR data, which InfoClin Triage™ can process to create easy to use patient lists.

InfoClin Triage™ uses clinic EMR data to list of the high priority patients who need an appointment, and lower risk patients who are eligible for telephone prescription renewals. InfoClin Triage™ helps physicians and clinic staff manage priorities.

Using InfoClin Triage™ helps doctors provide care in a way that respects their and others’ priorities, increasing patient’s access to quality care.

Why choose InfoClin Triage™?

The InfoClin Analytics team is constantly researching and exploring ways of extracting additional value from your EMR data.

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